About La Vie Motel

In Nov. 2002, La Vie Motel opened its first hotel in China. At the end of 2007, La Vie Motel owned over 200 hotels. Increased cost-effective method quickly attracts a large number of individual business, leisure travelers. At the end of 2010 La Vie Motel covered more than 100 large and middle scale cities such as Beijing and Shanghai with nearly 600 chain hotels altogether.
La Vie Motel aims to provide high quality customer service through “superior healthy, superior comfort, superior value and surpassing expectations.” With discounted hotel prices, convenient transportation and environmental safety. La Vie Motel is committed to creating high quality, cost-effective economy chain hotel brand and establish a chain of hotels in the world, China’s hotel industry excellence model. We will establish a famous brand in the Chinese hotel industry holding nearly 1000 Economy chains inns, making our guests enjoy our service in every journey.

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